Edging and Mulching Services

A Fresh new look to Your Existing Landscape and Gardens

Mulch adds a fresh, neat visual appeal to your existing landscape and gardens. Mulch also controls weeds without herbicides, naturally decomposes to enrich soil, and reduces soil erosion. It also helps retain water and protects your beds from fluctuating temperatures. The result – healthier plants and lower plant replacement costs. MulchClean-cut edging provides a definite edge to where the lawn ends and the beds begin. Each year, these boundaries are re-edged to maintain that clean-cut look.

Our professional bark mulching service is a wonderful way to achieve great mulching results quickly and cost-effectively. A layer of bark mulch can be added efficiently and precisely, which means less waste and a lower cost. Plus, by using our bark blower, it saves your soil from being compacted by wheelbarrows and personnel.

If your preference or property does not allow for blowing, our staff will mulch your beds “by hand” still giving you a fresh new layer of mulch.